The 10 Best Moments From Day 23 of the World Cup

1. Moment Of The Day, Maybe Even Of The Tournament

So much has been said about the pressure heaped on Brazil here, which seems to be so intense that the worry has been that they won’t be able to function.

All of that pressure, that focus, that tension was blasted away by David Luiz’s stunning free-kick midway through the second half against Colombia. It was a strike which allowed a nation to momentarily breathe, and for Luiz to re-enact Marco Tardelli’s famous celebration.

They could look back on this as the moment they really started to believe.

2. Winning Machine Of The Day

We’ll succumb to stereotypes if you want, because that is ultimately what everyone expects to hear when it comes to Germany in tournaments.

Having started off sparkling and completely overwhelming an admittedly poor Portugal in their opening game, the Germans have now reached the stage where winning is all that matters.

Coach Joachim Löw made some brave decisions ahead of the clash with France, but crucially he got them all right, with the dropping of Per Mertesacker and repositioning of Philipp Lahm crucial to the workmanlike 1-0 win.

3. Pick On Someone Your Own Size Of The Day

In the blue corner we have all 5ft 6ins of Mathieu Valbuena, whilst in the white corner it’s the 6ft 4ins frame of Jerome Boateng.

Anyone else think it was a bit unfair?

4. Wanting It More Of The Day

There was only ever going to be one winner to the ball when Toni Kroos clipped his 13th minute free-kick into the France penalty area.

Mats Hummels knew it, and Raphel Varane seemed to know it too.

5. Alien Locust Invasion Of The Day

It’s no wonder Colombia lost, is it? Look at that!!!

6. Melonhead Of The Day

You’re watching your country at their own World Cup, Fortaleza is rocking and you literally will not experience an atmosphere like this in your entire football-spectating life, no matter how long you continue to watch the game for.

So you might as well watch Brazil v Colombia with a melon on your head.


7. Tribute To A Chancellor Of The Day

Somehow you can’t quite imagine England fans doing the same thing with David Cameron…


8. Switching Sides Of The Day

You can, however, do more than imagine England fans being forced to support Germany following their embarrassingly early exit.

Hope you’re happy, Mr Hodgson…


9. Slipping Superstar Of The Day

Thiago Silva has just given Brazil the lead in Fortaleza. An entire nation, a nation yearning, desperate for whatever glory and hope of winning the World Cup it can possibly cling to, is quite clearly going bananas.

Neymar, meanwhile, is slipping on a banana skin.

10. Fact Of The Day

That goal, by the way, was the first scored by a Brazil captain at a World Cup since Rai fired in a penalty against Russia in Palo Alto, California, in their opening game of the 1994 tournament.

Brazil won that 1994 tournament.

Just saying.