5 Best Moments From Day 27 of the 2014 World Cup

1. Tactical masterclass of the day

Joachim Low knew that his blisteringly quick Germany side could cause Brazil big problems on break and he set up his team perfectly to handle their threat. Muller, Kroos, Schweinsteiger and Klose all excelled in the system. Take a bow, Jogi.


2. Historic goal of the day

Outside of international football, Miroslav Klose’s reputation is somewhat lukewarm. Yet the Poland-born striker is a different player in a Germany shirt. Not only in Brazil, but in front of the man with whom he shared the record of all-time top World Cup scorer – Ronaldo - Klose scored his historic 16th.


3. Scapegoat of the day

According to former Brazil star Juninho “there are a few players not worthy of the shirt” and one of those surely has to be Fred. The striker’s pathetic efforts throughout the whole tournament were finally recognised by the home fans, who jeered his every touch and then his every appearance on the big screen after he was replaced.


4. Gift of the day

Had he known his side would give Germany seven gifts, he probably wouldn’t have bothered giving Jogi this mysterious pre-match present.


5. Weep of the day

With tears in his eyes, David Luiz stood in front of the TV cameras when their night of misery was complete to say: “We wanted to make the people happy but we couldn't do it. Sorry to all Brazilians."