5 Best Moments From Day 28 Of the 2014 World Cup

1. Stat of the day

Arjen Robben completed just one pass in the first half. ONE! Which means he completed more dives against Mexico than in the entire 45 minutes against Argentina. Remarkable #StatsMatter


2. Villain of the day

There’s always a pantomime villain and, for the Netherlands tonight, it was Wesley Sneijder. Not only did he miss his penalty in the shootout, but he couldn’t find a pass all night. 


3. Goalkeeper skill of the day

They said his confidence was shot. They said Van Gaal didn’t really rate him… Take that, haters! (And he did it twice, by the way!)

4. Website of the day

It’s a little cruel, but it’s also hilarious. A website dedicated to sad Brazilians. The website is called ‘Sad Brazilians’ - http://sadbrazilians.tumblr.com/


5. Worst pass of the day

Never was the name on the back of the shirt more apt, as Blind played this horrendous pass to… absolutely no one.

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