The 5 Best Moments From Day 31 of the World Cup

1. Hashtag Of The Day

#ThingsMoreUsefulThanBrazilsDefence produced a few corkers, including these:

 2. Unintentional Assist Of The Day

With his Sideshow Bob-like hair, dodgy positioning skills and bizarre desire to want to charge up the pitch at each and every opportunity, David Luiz has become the joke figure of the World Cup… and that’s quite right.

Here he is setting up Daley Blind for the Netherlands’ second goal.

3. Two Wrongs Making A Wrong Of The Day

Arjen Robben is pulled back on the edge of the box by Brazil’s returning captain Thiago Silva. Free-kick and red card, right?

Well… no. Er, penalty and yellow card actually. Somehow.

4. Motivated Child Of The Day

The third-place playoff is pointless, is it? Brazil won’t be bothered following that evening in Belo Horizonte, will they? Well don’t tell this little girl.

This clash in Brasilia was the biggest evening of her life and she wasn’t going to let the mere fact that her team had let her down spoil it.

There are those that actually think that how loud you sing an anthem actually has an effect on how a team plays, and whilst that’s clearly wrong, this was still nice to see.

5. Most Photographed Spectator Of The Day

For once it wasn’t the female spectators in the crowd who the cameras were trained on, but rather another figure on the Brazil bench.

Look! It’s Neymar! He’s alive!

All’s well that ends well for Brazil then, sort of.

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