The 5 Best Moments From The World Cup Final

1. The Golden Moment Of The Final

It’s a strike which will be replayed over and over in Germany for much longer than the career of Mario Gotze.

The Bayern Munich man’s stunning control and finish was worthy of winning the biggest game on the biggest stage at the biggest time, just before penaties, and was just reward for the performances of an impressive, cohesive unit throughout their time in Brazil.

Congratulations Germany.

2. Imminent Disappointment Of The Final

“Yes! I’m the man! Forget about that earlier miss when I dragged it wide and really should have done a hell of a lot better, this is it! I’ve just scored in the World Cup Final! Bow down before me because I am your God!”

Gonzalo Higuain’s first-half strike has, as evidenced my Mats Hummels’ reaction, already been ruled out, but he doesn’t know that yet.


3. Disbelief Of The Final

Lionel Messi bursts through, onside and about to make history.

Around the globe, millions of pairs of eyes prepare to take in the moment that the greatest player on the planet will ensure is in the history books forever.

And then… he drags it wide…

4. Self-Grooming Of The Final

When you’re the referee in the World Cup Final, your aim is surely to make sure that the cameras pick you out as little as possible as the game is allowed to flow.

When they do put you in the spotlight though, you need to make sure that you’re looking your best, as Nicola Rizzoli demonstrates here…

5. Image Of The Final

After four-and-a-half weeks of such intense football and intense drama, how nice was it to end on a serene note?

Rio at sunset.

Cheers, Brazil.