5 Things We Learned From Germany 1-0 USA

1. Klinsmann can return to Germany

This morning’s Bild newspaper had a photo of Klinsmann with cartoonish black eyes and dazed look on his face, with the headline: “Klinsi, heute siehst du Sterne!” (Klinsi, today you’ll be seeing stars!). While the rivalry between Klinsmann and the Fatherland is at an all-time high, the former Bayern Munich striker can return home safe in the knowledge that he hasn’t sent Die Nationalmannschaft packing.


2. Germany miss Marco Reus

It may not be so apparent right now, but the ankle injury sustained by Marco Reus a week before the tournament could prove the difference between German agony and ecstasy. Against USA, Germany missed the Borussia Dortmund forward’s sharp eye for goal and searing pace and, even with Miroslav Klose’s poaching ability, Germany are light on out-and-out striker options. How long can they rely on Mueller?


3. Philipp Lahm in midfield isn’t working

Despite topping the group, Joachim Loew will come under pressure to revert Lahm to his more familiar right-back position, thus seeing Hoewedes dropm out of the team. It may work for Bayern Munich (and sometimes Germany) but Lahm was poor in the centre against Ghana and undistinguished against USA. Sami Khedira may not yet be back to top speed, but surely the midfield three should be Khedira, Schweinsteiger and Kroos.


4. You wouldn't want to meet Kyle Beckerman in a dark alley

Not only does he possess an incredible head of dreadlocks, he knows how to crunch into tackles. Just ask Bastian Schweinsteiger, whom he pole-axed midway through the second half with a terrifyingly aggressive tackle. The Beckerman-Jones-Bradley axis has proved vital to the USA in this tournament and represents a fearsome midfield trio.


5. USA will take some beating

Not only do the USA have the support of over 300 million Americans that have apparently discovered soccer for the first time, but they have a defence - and a goalkeeper – that won’t be beaten easily. It looks like they’ll face the unbeaten Belgians next. We’ve seen this kind of spirit before from Greece in 2004. How far can it take USA?