Brazil 1-7 Germany: How the Germans Humiliated The Hosts

1. Scolari should have focused his players’ heads

Brazil have played with their hearts and not their heads throughout this whole tournament. Against the lesser sides, pure passion and desire to succeed was enough, but Scolari should have done more to focus his players. Why were Julio Cesar and David Luiz holding Neymar’s shirt aloft before the national anthem? There was a complete lack of focus at the exact time Brazil needed it most.


2. Hulk & Fred were awful. Again.

Hulk has been absolutely abysmal at this World Cup and Fred hasn’t been much better. Yes, Hulk has been played slightly out of position and Scolari could have done him a favour by dropping Fred and moving Hulk into a central position, but it probably wouldn’t have made much difference. Philipp Lahm nullified Hulk from the word ‘go’ and the striker that can’t score, represents this ultimately fruitless World Cup campaign. Fred, who was booed mercilessly by his own fans throughout the second half, may be better off leaving the country.


3. Brazil’s reliance on Neymar has been brutally exposed

A little obvious, yes, but this Brazil team’s utter reliance on Neymar has been devastatingly exposed. From the first game, Neymar carried a nation’s hopes in admirable fashion, scoring and creating vital goals. Without him, they looked like a very average team and, unfortunately for them, they’ve come up against a Germany team in rampant mood. Colombia showed they can adapt without Falcao, but Brazil’s heavy focus on their talented 22-year-old came back to haunt them. 


4. Germany can be ruthless

By the time the fourth and fifth goals went in, Germany were looking embarrassed to score them. Germany have been accused of failing to reach their potential and playing pretty football without winning trophies during Jogi Low’s reign. There were also accusations that they couldn’t score enough goals to win a World Cup. This Golden Generation are one victory away from realising their potential and, even without the injured Marco Reus and the benched Mario Gotze, Germany have tonight proved they have the weapons to hurt anyone.


5. Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper at the tournament

Scolari will have instructed his players at half time to ensure that they start the second half well and score first. Well, they tried hard for about 15 minutes but just couldn’t get past the mountainous Manuel Neuer in the Germany goal. His stunning save from Paulinho ensured Brazil couldn’t launch any kind of comeback. That’s been typical of Neuer, who's surely en route to the golden glove award.