10 Of The Most Outrageous Golf Trousers

10. Feelin' Chile

Any idea which country Felipe Aguilar is from?

9. Jack Of All Trousers

Ian Poulter also likes to remind everyone where he's from.

8. The Wonga Trousers

Not saying John Daly is only in it for the money, but...

7. Chav Tastic

Adam Scott - closet football hooligan.

6. And I Would Walk 500 Tiles

Rumour is Jason Gore got the idea for these trousers while retiling his kitchen floor.

5. Stitched Up

Poulter wore these during the Open in 2006. Didn't help him win.

4. Going Cloverboard

John Daly again, this time with a nod to his Irish roots/drinking habits.

3. Copy Cat

Don't you hate it when you turn up to the Omega Mission Hills World Cup and someone is wearing the exact same trousers as you?

2. Barmy Army

Sam Greenwood trie to blend in with the background during the 2005 Players' Championship.

1. Hole In One For The Ladies

Not content with being a ladies' man, John Daly had every one he's been with drawn onto his trousers.