The 10 Worst Ryder Cup Outfits Ever!

The Ryder Cup is nearly here, with it comes some of the most intense golf battles, spectacular shots and marvellous moments.

But, somehow, this famous event is also traditionally reponsible for some of the worst attire ever worn in the midst of a sporting arena. Here are 10 of the worst to make you chuckle, or gasp...

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10. Check Mates

The 1980s has a lot to answer for (shoulder pads, spandex, Rick Astley), not least this monstrosity of an outfit for Team USA in 1983. Yuk. Just yuk.


9. Mauve Your Body

Quite what the Americans were thinking wearing these mauve numbers in 2010 is anyone's guess, but Tiger Woods tries his best to hide his face from the embarrassment.


8. Don't Believe The Stripe

This oufit worn by Team Europe in 2008 looked more like a Reading FC shirt, and they finished second best in Valhalla.


7. Pinky and Perky

The Europeans went all Miami Vice in 2006 with theseoversized salmon jackets. Horrid.


6. Down The Brown

The same year the Americans went for the exact opppsite and found the blandest outfits they could. Suddenly victory seemed a million miles away, and so it proved at Ireland's K Club.


5. We're With The Bland

And when the Americans got off the plane in Dublin in 2006 they were wearing jackets they had borrowed from a bunch of university professors.


4. Purple Patch

As any fashionista will tell you grey and purple don't mix, and adding little white hoops doesn't make it acceptable. But the 2004 USA team went for it anyway.



3. Milking It


It appears the American team of 1961 were so hard up, that they had to get part time jobs as milkmen. Sadly they kept the outfits...




2. Shell Suits You!

The 2010 USA team wore these fetching shell suits with individual names on the back, but it turned out the stitching from the embroidery meant the tops leaked when it rained, which it did pretty much constantly in Wales. Oops.


1. You've Been Framed

But by far the worst outfit in Ryder Cup history belonged to Team USA during their 1999 victory. These ghastly shirts were oversized, dirty burgandy numbers with framed photos of all previous Ryder Cup teams across the front and back. Pure ugly.