Top 11 amazing golf shots

What is a golfer's favourite style of music? Swing. Boom! No, but seriously, golf is a pretty awesome sport, but it's made even more awesome when someone pulls out a physics-defying shot.

In preparation for the US Open, we dig out 11 of the craziest, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling shots we could find. Enjoy!

11. Water shot 

In a warm up round before this year's Masters, South African Martin Kaymer skimmed a ball off the water in Augusta and straight in the hole. Not bad!

10. Smurfing hell

Darren Clarke gets a lucky bounce (then about 10 more) during the Smurfit European Open (yes, it's a real thing) in 2006.

9. Throwing it away

Some days Paul Casey just can't be bothered using a golf club, so switches to throwing it. Just for a laugh. Here he is making the green on a 180-yard par three.

8. Beer for tee

John Daly loves a drink, so much so that he can't bring himself to be away from his beloved cans of beer, even on the golf course. Here he uses one to help tee off. We assume he drank it afterwards.

7. Paddy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore was the best golf movie ever made, and Paddy Harrington is clearly a fan. Here he rips off a 400-yard drive in Happy's trademark run-up style. Tap tap taperoo!

6. Tel it like it is

Looking a lot like Chevy Chase from Caddyshack and in his usual jovial mood, radio's Terry Wogan knocks in the longest ever televised put during a celebrity Pro-Am in 1981. (It has since been beaten, but the clothes haven't)

5. Water shot (Pt II)

Who this guy is, we don't know. He's some sort of golf phantom who may have completed the best put ever, knocking in with the ball resting on a shoot of water, no less.

4. Slam dunk

Michael Jordan has tried his hand at a few sports; basketball, baseball, throwing balls at cartoon characters. Here he tries a bit of golf, and slams it right down the middle. Boof!

3. On the volley

No idea who this lad is, but he manages to hit a great drive on the half-volley. He must have a wrist like a traction engine!

2. Making a Fuzz

Fuzzy Zoeller was a golfer and not one of the cast of the Muppets. What, really? Huh, I've learned something. Here he is with a great shot that stops, has a cup of tea, reads the paper then drops in.

1. Tiger feat

Of course Tiger was going to be in this list. While his driving has been a problem of late, his short play has always been barnstorming. Here he is chipping in at the 18th during the 2005 Masters. Pressure!