Worst 7 Golf Injuries

Golf? Dangerous? Give us a laugh, we can hear you saying. But wait just there friends, the following people will attest to the fact that sometimes it can all go horribly wrong and you be left with more than egg on your face.

Here are seven of the worst/craziest.

7. All Fore One

You are usually safe in a crowd watching golf, just not when Stewart Cink is around. FOOOOORRREE!

6. Face Up To Your Actions

Learn this fool's lesson; if your golf cart is capsized, don't try and sort if out yourself. Ouch!

5. Broken Lev

Poor Thomas Levet. The French Open winner in 2011 celebrated by jumping in a water hazard and it isn't called a hazard for no reason is it Tommy? He broke his leg and missed the Scottish Open. Probably for the best, he might have been eaten by Nessie. Le facepalm.

4. Big Fat Mistake

You know when your friend is so fat you just want to hit a golf ball off his giant belly? No? Oh.

3. Really?

This would be the worst scientific experiment ever; does a golfball to the stomach from six feet away hurt? Yes. Yes it does. Moving on.

2. Virtual Insanity

Ok, so this one isn't technically from real life, but it's still hilarious.

1. The Sympathetic Wife

At least you can rely on the sympathy of your better half in times of turmoil. Oh.