Here's To You Wayne Rooney - Top 10 Own Goals

Wayne Rooney showed his finishing prowess on Saturday against Stoke City - at both ends of the pitch. The Manchester United No.10 nodded into his own net 11 minutes in, but just 15 minutes later headed one into the right net.

Inspired by Wazza, here are 10 of the best ever own goals.

10. Tony Popovic

Crystal Palace legend Tony Popovic’s single Premier League season will be best remembered for this rather slick own goal

9. Mike Elwood

Mervue United defender Mike Elwood didn't know much about this own goal, as a clearance deflected off his face from point blank range and looped over the keeper. Oops.

8. Chris Brass

This own goal from the Bury defender has to go down as a classic - not just for its comic value but also for the fact that Brass nearly broke his nose in the process! 

7. Alan Smith

No-one was more desperate to keep Leeds in the Premier League in the 2003/04 season than Alan Smith, but unfortunately when defending this corner his enthusiasm led to an embarrassing own goal.

6. Franck Queudrue

After ten years in England with Middlesbrough, Fulham, Birmingham and even Colchester, the fullback returned to his native France, where he managed this stunning own goal when playing for Lens.

5. Frank Sinclair

A list like this would not be complete without own goal specialist Frank Sinclair. It seemed unfair to just show one of his strikes, so here’s a compilation of them. 

4. Lee Dixon

Lee Dixon will forever be remembered as a key part of a legendary Arsenal defence, but his name also sparks memories of this amazing lob over old mate David Seaman against Coventry back in 1991.

3. Jamie Pollock

Manchester City may be Champions of England now but this incredible own goal by Jamie Pollock back in 1998 condemned them to relegation to the third tier for the first time in their history.

2. Tomislav Piplica

The Bosnian keeper became a cult figure with Energie Cotbuss fans after this massive blunder, when he appeared to head the ball into his own net. Cottbus were leading with five minutes to go, but this howler meant the game finished 3-3.

1. Goran Rubil

This has to be the most clinical own goal finish ever. If Goran Rubil had scored this in the right end it might have been considered for goal of the season; but as it wasn’t, his name will go down in infamy.