Football Infographic: Messi v Ronaldo - the Battle For The Ballon D'or

Messi versus Ronaldo, eh? It's the one present day debate that polarises the opinions of football fans the world over.

But when all is said and done; when all the cliches have been tired out and the fat lady has sung, which of these modern icons of football can genuinely lay claim to being the best player in the world? 

Not content with merely sitting around passionately discussing it, we at Unibet decided to further investigate this most contentious of issues. So, we commisioned the cool new infographic that you can see below. Pitting the big guy the Madridistas call CR7 up against the little guy known in Barcelona as the Atomic Flea,  this is a unique head-to-head battle of stats, records and objectivity.

As the two pre-eminent players in world football prepare to lock horns in a battle for the Ballon d'Or, now's your chance to enter the debate. First, check out the infographic below and then let us know your opinion by tweeting us @Unibet with the hashtag #LeoVRon...


Lionel Messi is priced at odds of 2.40 to win the 2013 Ballon d'Or.

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