Brazilian Grand Prix Betting & A Look At 2016's Formula 1 Odds

With the 2015 drivers and constructors' championships settled, now is a good time to take a look at the odds for next season.

After two solid years of Mercedes domination, it's tempting to think that couldn't possibly change next year. But it's worth considering the prospects of their closest rivals and the odds being offered at this early stage.


Red Bull

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico : News Photo

They swept the championship between 2010 and 2013, and they are still the same strategically savvy outfit which infuriated their rivals during that time. But several major cracks have appeared over the last two years, and odds of 17.00 for them to reclaim the constructors' title next year are probably not worth taking.

It's not just that the two drivers who delivered all those wins - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber - have long since checked out. Design genius Adrian Newey has reduced his involvement in the F1 team. And perhaps most seriously, their engine package is woefully uncompetitive and doesn't look likely to improve soon.

They still haven't concerned what will be powering their 2016 car (assuming they don't make good on their threat to quit), which at this late stage is a serious headache for the technical team. At best wins might be possible next year, but a championship is very unlikely.



F1 Grand Prix of Mexico : News Photo

The first year of their reunion with Honda has been excruciating for McLaren. However the potential gains they can make with their power unit over the winter will be much clearer than their rivals can make. They should find a lot of their lost lap time and reliability. Having said that, they absolutely have to.

With a success-starved line up of two world champions - Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button - you sense that even the slightest chance of a win next year will be seized upon. The odds against them are so high - 29.00 for the teams' title, 41.00 on Alonso for the drivers' - that there's little to be lost and much to be gained here.



F1 Grand Prix of Mexico : News Photo

Realistically, the biggest potential threat to Mercedes in 2016. Ferrari took a huge bite out of their rivals' lead last winter, and Vettel has won three times in a car he had practically zero development input into following his move to the team from Red Bull.

Twelve months on, he has been able to mould the team around him. Ferrari's odds on title success next year are 4.50 compared to 1.17 for Mercedes, and Vettel's price for a fifth drivers' title is 4.00 compared to Lewis Hamilton’s 1.40.


The Brazilian Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico : News Photo

But let's not forget there are still two more races this season, starting with this weekend's race in Brazil.

Nico Rosberg has hit a solid run of form of late, taking four pole positions in a row, and is now on shorter odds to take another this weekend than team mate Hamilton - 1.90 versus 2.00.

Hamilton remains the favourite to win but with every non-Mercedes driver at 10.00 or higher, and early forecasts indicating a chance of rain on race day, it could be a good time to put your money elsewhere.

Red Bull are usually the ones to watch out for when the weather turns wet and both drivers are on 67.00 to win. However with Daniel Ricciardo expected to take a grid penalty, his team mate Daniil Kvyat - who impressed in the rain at Austin three weeks ago - could be the better tip.

Home favourite Felipe Massa is on 34.00, and often produces something special for the Brazilian fans.


Keith Collantine is the editor of Formula One blog F1 Fanatic