Formula One Betting: The 7 Non-Mercedes Drivers Who Could Finish The British Grand Prix On The Podium

Nine races into 2016 and so far Mercedes have won eight of them. And the only reason they lost one was because their drivers took each other out on the first lap.

So the betting for the winner of this weekend's British Grand Prix doesn't look that great. Lewis Hamilton (three wins so far this year) is on 1.90 and team mate Nico Rosberg (five wins) is on 2.75.

But while the two Mercedes drivers could be expected to lock out the top steps on the podium, there are many who could join them. What's more, Mercedes have been far less successful in reaching the podium this year than 12 months ago. Over the first nine races of last year they never missed a chance to finish as two of the top three, but they already have seven times this year.

So who are the best bets for a top-three finish on Sunday?


Sebastian Vettel

Canadian F1 Grand Prix : News Photo

Podiums this year: 5

Odds: 1.72

Considering Vettel has retired from three of the nine races so far (twice due to car trouble, once because he was hit by a rival), he's actually only failed to deliver a podium finish once. However the performance of the Red Bulls at the Circuit de Catalunya will have Ferrari worried about their performance at Silverstone.


Kimi Raikkonen


Podiums this year: 4

Odds: 3.50

Raikkonen's odds are more than twice as long as his team mate's despite having only one fewer podium because he's seldom looked capable of beating him in a straight fight this year.


Max Verstappen

F1 Grand Prix of Austria : News Photo

Podiums this year: 2

Odds: 2.75

His shock Spain win may have exaggerated the ease with which he's settled in at Red Bull. But what we're looking at here is two podiums from five real opportunities. He's great at looking after his tyres, too - consider him seriously.


Sergio Perez

European F1 Grand Prix : News Photo

Podiums this year: 2

Odds: 6.00          

The Force India has emerged as one of the surprise packages of the year so far. But while the team is based just outside Silverstone it's usually not been one of their strongest tracks.


Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore : News Photo

Podiums this year: 1

Odds: 3.00

Bad luck kept him off the podium in China and Spain. He's the only driver in the field who's out-qualified his team mate at every race, and with his RB12 should be a podium contender.


Valtteri Bottas

Canadian F1 Grand Prix : News Photo

Podiums this year: 1

Odds: 6.00

Williams haven't performed quite as well as expected on the tracks where they usually thrive. It would be a surprise if they can lead as they did last year. Also keep in mind Bottas was beaten by team mate Felipe Massa here last year, and his odds are 7.50.


Daniil Kvyat


Podiums this year: 1

Odds: 61.00

Kvyat grabbed a podium while he was still at Red Bull. Now peddling a slower and less reliable Toro Rosso, his podium chances are remote.


Keith Collantine is the editor of Formula One blog F1 Fanatic