Formula One Betting Tips: 10 Reasons Why You Should Back Kimi Raikkonen To Win The Bahrain Grand Prix

He hasn't won a race for three years and he's facing a make-or-break season for his F1 future. But Kimi Raikkonen could come good in the second round of the F1 season in Bahrain. Here's why.

1. Ferrari have a quick car

In the first qualifying session of the year the SF16-H halved the gap to pace-setters Mercedes compared to 12 months ago. And because the Mercedes drivers did an extra run in qualifying, Ferrari were probably slightly closer than they looked.

2. Bahrain will suit Ferrari

Hot temperatures at the desert track means Ferrari won't have to worry about their usual tyre warm-up problems.

3. Raikkonen is quick around Bahrain

In 10 races he's been on the podium no fewer than seven times, including three second places in the last four Bahrain Grands Prix.

4. He almost won last year

When Mercedes hit trouble late in the race Raikkonen passed Rosberg for second and was closing on Hamilton as the flag fell.

5. It won't matter that he doesn't qualify well

Raikkonen tends to qualifying behind Vettel which at most circuits, like Melbourne last week, is a significant disadvantage. But overtaking is easy in Bahrain thanks to its long straights and generous DRS zones. The Ferrari is also very quick off the line - both the red cars passed both the Mercedes at the start in Australia.

6. Ferrari can play tortoise and hare again

In Bahrain last year and in last week's race Ferrari ran Vettel on an aggressive strategy. That allowed Raikkonen to run a more normal which would have allowed him to come on strong in the final laps had his car made it to the end. This is the team's best chance of beating Mercedes.

7. His race pace in Australia was strong

An engine failure cut Raikkonen's race short but his lap times had been very close to Vettel's until that point. They were regularly within a few tenths of a second of each other throughout the opening stint of the race.

8. He gives his best when a strong result is possible

'Motivation' is something Raikkonen hates being asked about but there's no mystery why the subject keeps coming up: He always seems to find a bit more on days when a strong result is possible. He should be in the hunt again this weekend.

9. It's time for a change of luck

Raikkonen had three race-ending technical failures last year to Vettel's none. And he's one-nil up on the same count just one race into the new season. Surely it's time for lady luck to smile on him?

10. There's no point betting on Mercedes

At 1.85 and 2.50 the odds on Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg winning brings little reward. Kimi Raikkonen is priced at 15.00, so a relatively modest bid could be very well rewarded. His pole position odds stand at 20.00 but it's best to steer clear of this - he hasn't started first since 2008.


Keith Collantine is the editor of Formula One blog F1 Fanatic