Formula One Betting Tips: The 10 Things You MUST Check Before Betting On The Chinese Grand Prix

Eyeing up the odds for this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix? Don't bet in haste - read our tips to enhance your F1 knowledge and maximise your chances of success.

Here are the ten things you should check before betting on F1:


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Congratulations! Proceed to step two.


Race form

F1 Grand Prix of China : News Photo

Some teams perform particularly well at certain tracks. Mercedes are usually strong in Shanghai, where F1 is racing this weekend, but tend to be less competitive in Singapore.


Season form

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We're used to seeing Mercedes do most of the winning but keep an eye on how close the opposition are, and who's been getting stronger from race to race.


The track layout


This goes hand-in-hand with the previous two points. Cars with weak engines will struggle on circuits with long straights - no one will bet on a Renault or a Honda to win at Monza.



How do you work out which drivers do well at which tracks? Compare them to the only other drivers who have the same cars: their teammates. Drivers will often pretend otherwise, but they always have strong and weak circuits.


Tyre choices

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In a rules change for this year, each driver now gets to select much of his tyre allocation for each race. The more sets of the softer tyres they select, the more aggressive they'll have to be in the race.


Power units


Drivers get five power units per season and once they exceed that limit they start handling penalties. At this early stage in the season it makes little difference, but later in the year drivers will have to take grid drops for using new engines. Drivers will also prefer to have new engines at high-speed tracks like Spa and Monza.

Also keep an eye out for which teams are introducing engine performance upgrades as these can have a profound effect.


Second practice lap times


The second practice session at each race weekend is usually where we see drivers preparing for the race by doing long runs on different types of tyres. These can reveal a lot about who's going to be quick in the race - and who's in trouble.


The grid

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Placing a bet before qualifying can often land you better odds. Once the grid has been decided this will have a strong effect on the betting for the race, so ignore it at your peril.



F1 Grand Prix of USA - Qualifying : News Photo

Wet weather plays into the hands of the most skilful drivers and the cars which have the most grip. In recent seasons Williams have tended to struggle in the rain whereas Red Bull come to life.

Find a reliable, preferably local weather forecaster and scrutinise their predictions for the region at the last moment before placing your bet. Ignore anything written before the Thursday of a race weekend.

However you can usually skip this step for F1's desert races...


Keith Collantine is the editor of Formula One blog F1 Fanatic