OUCH! The Top 10 Cycling Fails

We are massive cycling fans here at Unibet and it's nearly time for the Tour De France, the pinnacle of world cycling.

But it doesn't always go to plan, and bikes can be dangerous things, people.

Here are ten exmaples of people having massive cycling fails.

10. Just Popping Down The Shops

Bike fails can even happen indoors.

9. Oh, Wheelie?!

I bet this guy's face regrets him trying to show off like this.

8. Never Give Up

Ok, not strictly cycling, but an example to all the Tour de France bikers out there, even if you do fall off, get back on the bleedin' thing and carry on!

7. Ground May Be Uneven

If a piece of ground looks unsafe, it probably is.

6. Field Trip

Last year one Tour de France cyclist got bored of the official route and tried to take a detour through a field.

5. Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

No, it's a moron trying to ride off the roof of his house to see what happens. You get it in the crown jewels, that's what happens.

4. The King Falls Off His Throne

Back in the 70s Kevin Keegan was a bit of legend, and even going full pelt on a bike, wobbling all over the place like a drunk driver, and falling off didn't ruin his reputation.

3. Scrappy Days

One chap, and his cronies, do not take lighly to being pushed off his bike. It's like Wacky Races, only more depressing.

2. Start As You Mean To Go On

Sometimes, ramps are hard. Oh wait, no they're not, this cyclist is just an idiot.

1. Pride. Fall. Comes. A. Before.

Lesson of the day: If you tempt fate, fate will slam you so hard.