Top 10 racing horse names of all time

It’s nearly the Grand National and to celebrate Unibet have dug up the Top 10 best horse names of all time, some with accompanying videos of commentators getting hugely embarrassed.

1. Ohnoitsmymothernlaw 

Owner of this American horse, Jeff Singer, better hope his mother-in-law doesn't read this. 

2. Comply or Die 

Winner of the Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree. Which is good thing given the name! 

3. No Fat Chicks

We are not condoning this sort of behaviour, but this American mare did get 10 career wins.

4. Hoof Hearted 

Never gets old this one (say it to yourself) - a cheekily named Kentucky Derby winner from a few years back. 


Rumoured to be owned by a pirate, this American horse is a commentator's dream. 

6. Dontmentionthewar

Little tip to the classic Faulty Towers here, wonder if John Cleese is a fan?

7. Sorry About That 

American horse from the 70s that made announcers sound like they kept making mistakes.

8. Really Fast Horse

Best horse name ever, or worst horse name ever? Either way Trade Descriptions aren't going to complain.

9. One Way Ticket to The Glue Factory

Aww, come on, that's just mean. Let's hope this horse is still happily trotting round a field.

10. Doremifasolatido 

Sadly not a horse owned by Julia Andrews, but no doubt she would have a flutter on it given then chance.

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