The fastest goals in football history

It only takes a second to score a goal. Unless you are Bolton Wanderers, they seem to take years to score a goal. But for some players it seems effortlessly easy to knock the ball into the ol' onion bag.

And to celebrate the release of Unibet's Fast Poker game, we bring you five of the fastest goals ever scored.

1. Alan Shearer

The boring Geordie had a knack of scoring goals for fun, and holds the record for the quickest Premier League goal at just 10 seconds. He scored it against Manchester City when Carlo Nash very kindly kicked the ball against him. Aww.

2. Marc Burrows

But the fastest ever recorded goal in English football goes to Cowes Sport's Marc Burrows for this direct approach against Eastleigh Reserves. Yes, they are both real teams. It was recognised as being 2.5 seconds and the fastest goal ever. Woosh!

3. Nicklas Bendtner

No really, Nicklas Bendtner is on our list. The self-proclaimed best player ever in the history of the universe scored the quickest goal by a substitute, heading in against Spurs after just 1.8 seconds on the pitch.

4. David Gualtieri

Yes, David Gualtieri of San Marino fame. What do you mean you haven't heard of him? You definitely know who he is because he netted for the minnows against England after just 8 seconds in a World Cup 1994 qualifier.

5. Ricardo Oliveira

The fastest goal in a professional match though, sorry Marc Burrows, goes to Ricardo Oliveira for this 2.8 second effort for Rio Negro against Soriano in 1998. Boof, eat my goal!

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