8 tips for winning in online poker

1. Pick the best games

Online poker affords the player some very distinct advantages that live poker cannot and the first is the sheer volume of games to choose from. This means that with a little care and attention that you can always be assured of finding a good game with weaker players than yourself. Game selection is one of the key areas that successful online poker players look to exploit. Poker is a simple game in many ways and the key to making money isn’t in being a great poker player but by matching up your abilities with those of inferior players.
2. Take as many notes as you can
Online poker is a battle of information and the more information that you have,  then the more money you can make. Poker is so much like warfare that you win the battles and the war itself by your information network and the quality of that data. Tip number two mentioned selecting the best games but you cannot possibly do that without first having taken down notes on your opponents and then found out who the weaker players were. 
3. Learn to multi-table
If you are a good poker player then you will make better decisions than your opponents. So if that is the case then you will be better served by playing more tables if you honestly and truly have an edge. Playing more tables needs to be done with care and attention because you are having to speed up your poker decisions. But most of them should be automatic anyway. Multi-tabling pits you against more fish and the better players earn more in rakeback as well and can work off sign up bonuses far faster. 
4. Watch your emotions
Believe it or not online poker is far easier to tilt at than live poker. I found this out to my cost many times early on in my online career. The speed of the action means that beats and outdraws come far closer together and that can have an absolutely devastating effect on your psyche! The speed of the action and the mere fact that no one knows that you have tilted make the act of tilting far easier.
5. Play at the best times of the day
Just like in live poker then there are optimal times to play online in terms of the games being profitable. During the day for example when many people are at work GMT then the games can be populated by a greater percentage of skilled players and regulars. However during the early evening then this tends to alter as players come home from work who may be recreational players who are simply after a bit of fun! While they may still be good players then they are at least not professional players if they have a full time day job. 
6. Remember that you are playing for real money
If this sounds crazy then you had better think again. In live poker games then you are dealt real cards, have real money in front of you and real people on your table. Online poker is merely a representation of live poker but everything is abstract. It is far easier to bet and raise in online poker because all you have to do is click a mouse button. So you need to be aware that a mouse click may not feel real but that is real money that you are placing into action and not pretend money. 
7. Play your “A” game
I almost didn’t include this because it seems so simple. But yet the ease at which you can turn on your computer can be your biggest drawback at times. If you are upset, disturbed or angry and you log on to play online poker and are playing say eight tables then you are seeing far more hands per hour than you would in a live game. So what should be an advantage has actually turned into a handicap.
8. Get Educated
This final tip could just as easily apply to live poker as to online poker. However few people are aware that online poker is much tougher than live poker on a level by level basis. This is because the better players are simply multi-tabling more and spreading their action rather than playing higher levels. This means that there is a huge compression of skill in online poker where a top pro could be playing ten tables with $200 buy-ins rather than one table with a $2000 buy in. So remember that online poker is far tougher than live poker and get your education.