Top 10 photos from Day 1 of the Unibet Open in Paris

Ah Paris! Full of romancism, beautiful architechture and - for the new few days - world class poker!

The Unibet Open has arrived in France's capital and the action is well under way already. Here are the best photos from Day 1. To see loads more visit the Unibet Google+ page.

Paris looks positively glowing as it welcomes the Unibetters.

French football writer Pierre Menes clearly has a good hand!

Former footballer Tomas Brolin keeps a good poker face.

The action on the top table is tense!

Ack! Not a great hand!

The perfect t-shirt for the Unibet Open!

The dealer does a good job of making the cards and chips look attractive.

What's your number?

And here's a video welcome from Unibet to Day 1. Enjoy!

For loads more photos from Paris visit the Unibet Google+ page and for the latest info on the Unibet Open, including a live stream, visit