The 6 Reasons To Be Happy That Dallas Is Back On TV

After more than a decade in the wilderness, Dallas returns to our TV screens tonight, and brings with it all the scheming, fights and big hats it was so popular for in the 80s.

And, as the revamped 2012 version hits our screens, we remind ourselves just why it was such a great show.

So here are out six favourite reasons to be excited that JR and the gang are back...

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6. The Theme Tune

De der, de de, de de de de de de, de der der, der der derrrr. What a great intro and almost a good a reason to tune in as any of the following 25 minutes of action.

5. JR and Sue Ellen

The biggest love-hate relationship ever to grace our screens, this hot-tempered duo were on and off again more often than a light switch. But hot dang, it was good TV.

4. The fights

They love fisticuffs down in Texas, if Dallas is anything to go by. You can't go a few minutes without seeing locals engaged in a good old punch-up, and Dallas had its fair share.

Watch some fisticuffs here.

3. JR

The main man. JR Ewing, and those big ol' cowboy hats, were the main reasons viewers kept tuning in. A classic anti hero, and man could he wear a hat well.

2. Fake Deaths

No-one ever really dies in Dallas. They either shoot a mirror when it looks like they are going to shoot themselves (JR in the final episode in 1991) or their death turns out to be a dream (Bobby). These people will live FOREVER!

Watch some deaths here.

1. Who shot JR?

The most famous soap cliffhanger ever, and a cultural reference still talked about years later. Viewers had to wait all summer in 1980 to see if the oil baron would survive (of course he did).

Watch JR get shot here.

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