Favourite Football Moments: Liverpool

To celebrate Unibet's Favourite Football Moment competition, Liverpool blog editor Antoine Zammit recalls the night Brucey's spaghetti legs won the European Cup in Rome...

If you conducted a poll of all Liverpool fans, asking what their favourite football moment is, I can be sure that the vast majority would respond in the same way.

The 2005 Champions League final had it all: drama, heartache and, of course, glory. But while the magic of that night in Istanbul is the best feeling many supporters will ever get from a football match, it's not my first choice.

Here's why: The ingrained belief that dragged us to that success would not even have been present if Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher et al hadn't been inspired by the events of 30 May 1984.

It was on that day that Liverpool played Roma, looking to win the European cup for the fourth time. The Italian side were on home soil and looked confident. They swiftly cancelled out Phil Neal's opening goal before half-time, and the scoreline stayed at 1-1 all the way through the 90 minutes and the ensuing extra time.

The penalty shootout was all about one man. Many laughed at Bruce Grobbelaar's bendy-legged mind games, but they worked, prompting two World Cup winners, Francesco Graziani and Bruno Conti, to miss their kicks.

The Liverpool players kept their nerve from 12 yards, sealing a memorable title after what had been a tense, dramatic game. 21 years later Jerzy Dudek would repeat the trick against Milan in Istanbul, but the first time is always the best.

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