Favourite Football Moments: Manchester City

To celebrate Unibet's Favourite Football Moment competition, Manchester City blogger Ric Turner recalls the day Sergio Aguero changed the record in Manchester...

My favourite football moment, as a Manchester City fan, is unquestionably Sergio Aguero's goal against Queens Park Rangers on 13 May 2012, which clinched City's first league title in 44 years.

Growing up as a City fan in Manchester was tough for my generation. I was born in 1977, the year after Dennis Tueart's famous overhead kick secured the League Cup in 1976. This was to be City's last trophy for 35 years, as United fans took great pleasure in reminding us ad nauseum.

Roll forward to 2012, and City’s fortunes had changed significantly. Backed by Sheikh Mansour, City were able to compete financially with United at last, and the 2011/12 season saw the two Manchester clubs battling it out for the league title.

The momentum shifted one way and another, until a late United collapse saw us needing a win on the final day at home to struggling QPR.

City typically make a meal of it. With 90 minutes on the clock, we're somehow trailing 2-1. United are 1-0 up at Sunderland and their supporters begin to celebrate yet another league title.

But then something strange happens. The football gods, who for so long have frowned upon City, decide that we’ve suffered enough over the years.

Edin Dzeko equalises with a header in the 91st minute, and two minutes later the ball drops at Sergio Aguero’s feet in the penalty area. The Argentinian could go down, but opts to stay on his feet. His honesty is rewarded.

Time stands still for a second as Aguero strikes the ball true with his right foot. A moment later the crowd erupts in celebration, ecstasy and disbelief.

Every time I see the goal, even now, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I suspect I won’t witness another moment quite like it ever again.

Ric Turner edits the excellent Manchester City blog Blue Moon, and will be contributing to Bet.Unibet throughout the Premier League season.

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