Holy Smokes! - The Worst Batman Outfits Ever

POW! BIFF! KAZAM! (Other Batman sounds). 

Yes the caped crusader is back, and gracing our screens this summer as well as our computer screens.

To celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rising and of Unibet's new Dark Knight casino game, we bring you the worst Batman costumes of all time. OF ALL TIME! (yeah, thanks Kanye)

15. Lego Batman

14. Wheelchair Batman

13. Batman Loves Takeaway

12. Batman And Best Friend

11. Bad Fit Batman

10. No-caped Crusader

9. Fatman and Blobin

8. K9 Crusader

7. Bagman

6. Boratman

5. Clean Teeth Crusader

4. Rollerman

3. Cartman

2. Unhealthy Ledger

1. Batman's Day Off