Eurovision 2013 Betting: Denmark's Emmelie de Forest a worthy favourite

Eurovision is here again and if you want to make the event more than just a matter of national pride, a punt on the competition with Unibet is the order of the day.

Unibet is offering a wide range of betting markets on Eurovision 2013. To help you decide, we’ve taken a look at some of the outsiders and analyse the front-runners.

The Outsiders

UK: Bonnie Tyler - Believe In Me (50.00 to win, 15.00 first four)

The UK continue their proud tradition of employing an act that hasn’t hit the charts for several decades, in the shape of Bonnie Tyler. Expect the rest of Europe to continue their proud tradition of not voting for them. 

It’s familiar power ballad territory for Bonnie, but the song lacks the necessary chord changes to ever hit top gear.

Finland: Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me (30.00 to win, 6.00 first four)

The Finns have only won Eurovision once - back in 2006 when Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah triumphed. 

On that occasion Finland rocked Europe into submission. This year Krista Siegfrids competes with an up-tempo pop tune. The judges might not quite want to marry this song, but expect it to pick up some votes.

Sweden: Robin Stjernberg - You (30.00 to win, 6.00 first four)

Sweden come into this Eurovision as defending champions and have won the competition five times and have made the top five on 19 occasions. 

The Swedes pick their representative via the Melodifestivalen TV show, which saw Robin Stjernberg won with ‘You’. It probably won’t be ‘Him’ that wins Eurovision this year, but his pop/rock stylings could well gain a place.

Italy: Marco Mengoni - L’essenziale (22.00 to win, 4.00 first four)

The Italians have only won Eurovision twice, with the last victory coming way back in 1990. This is perhaps not surprising considering that they couldn’t be bothered to enter for some 14 years, until they returned in 2011. 

Marco Mengoni competes this year, singing in his native Italian. His mournful ballad is pleasant listening but might not appeal to Eurovision tastes. His quiff however, is a wonder to behold and Mengoni deserves votes for that alone. 

Netherlands: Anouk - Birds (22.00 to win, 4.00 first four)

The Dutch are one of the 10 most popular Eurovision nations of all time, boast four wins, but they are without a victory in 38 years. Will Anouk be able to break Holland’s duck with Birds? 

No, seems the most likely answer. Sounding like the soundtrack to a particularly relective and mournful Bond film, Birds fails to soar to the heights needed to trouble the leaderboard.

The Favourites

Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich - Gravity (8.00 to win, 2.00 first four)

Since that famous old musical act the USSR split up and it’s founding members went solo, Ukraine has had some success in Eurovision. Competing for the first time in 2003, Ukraine have made every final and won Eurovision in 2004.

Zlata Ognevich is the third favourite to add a second title to the Ukraine’s tally. Unlike the ballads from the likes of Bonnie Tyler and Anouk, this one starts slowly, before quickly shifting through the gears to uplifting pop. At this price, it's a good bet to win the whole thing.

Norway: Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love (7.50 to win, 1.75 first four)

Norway are Eurovision veterans, competing in all but two competitions, winning twice and holding the unwanted record of having gained the most ‘nul points’.

Margaret Berger is a thoroughly contemporary sounding piece of electro-pop that starts promisingly but doesn’t really go anywhere. At this price it’s hard to recommend a bet on Norway.

Denmark: Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops (1.75 to win, 1.15 first four)

The 2013 Eurovision favourites are Denmark, who have twice won the competition and have finished in the top three on six occasions. Their last win came back in 2000, when the middle-aged Olsen Brothers showed the whippersnappers who it’s done.

This year it’s the decidedly younger, 20-year old, Emmelie de Forest who attempts to win the Danes a third crown. Starting with Celtic-sounding whistles, Only Teardrops quickly moves into Shakira territory. It’s the catchiest ditty at this year’s competition and a worthy favourite.

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