Royal Baby Betting: What Will The Future Monarch Be Called?

Unless you've been living under a rock this past day or so, you will no doubt be aware that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first born child. 

But while the mum-to-be recovers from a bout of severe morning sickness in hospital, we have put together a market on the name of our future ruler.

Regardless of gender, the child of Kate and Wills will take over from Prince Harry as third in line to the throne. But we also have a gender market, with a boy at 1.75, and a girl at 2.00.

Here's the lowdown on some of the name options we're now taking bets on...

Diana at 5.00:

This is favourite in the current market. William's late mother was a hugely revered figure, and this would prove a popular choice with the royal subjects. 

Victoria at 8.00:

William's great great grandmother was one of the most influential monrachs in history. Could the happy couple provide the nation with another Victorian era?

Elizabeth at 15.00:

Talking of strong and popular monrachs, William's Grandmother Elizabeth - the current Queen - has proven to be a marvellois ambassador for Great Britain. As she nears the end of her tenure, and having celebrated her diamond jubilee this year, would Kate and Wills now award her the ultimate honour of naming their first born after its great granny? 

Carole at 25.00

Kate has always held her own mother in high esteem. But naming her first born after Carole Middleton would be an unusual step. 

William at 25.00

The first King with this name was William The Conqueror, who was crowned after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He was succeeded by his son, William II, but the modern day William is not thought to have his heart set on following suit with a William Jnr in the ranks. 

Charles at 15.00

William's father has played an enormous role in his life, but the name Charles could be seen as a trifle old-fashioned for these 21st century celebrity royals. 

Alice at 12.00

There is a good chance Kate and Wills will turn their backs on traditional royal names, and instead introduce a more everyday option. If this is the case, Alice would certainly tread the careful line between conformist and populist very nicely indeed. Meanwhile, '70s rock band Smokie stand prepared for a re-release of their hit song: 'Living Nextdoor To Alice.'