Top 5 Dallas Cliffhangers

Dallas is back on our screens! *Shocked face*

And to celebrate Unibet has a new Dallas themed casino game.

So we've dug out five of the best cliffhangers from the original series. (And boy were there some corkers)

5. JR Slaps Sue Ellen

JR wasn’t exactly the most faithful of husbands, but even he taken aback when long-suffering wife Sue Ellen hinted her bun in her oven might have been cooked up by someone else; he went into overdrive and planted one on her. Millions of viewiers made a shocked face like MaCaulay Culkin  in Home Alone.

4. JR Has Sue Ellen Comitted

When he couldn't get his wife to stop the boozing, JR had her locked up in the nuthouse. "I'll get back at you," she said. JR was like, "whatever".


3. Who Shot JR?

The most famous soap cliffhanger ever? Perhaps. Certainly the most parodied, as a mystery gunman shoots JR in his doorway.

2. Hit And Run

"What better way than to lay down one's life for someone else". Someone once said, or something. Bobby does just that here as he pushes Pam out of the way of a car being driven by nutjob Katherine and seemingly dies.

1. Dreamin'

But wait, no! Depending on who you talk to this is either the cleverest series ending ever, or the laziest example of scriptwriting. Eitherway Pam wakes to find a definitely not dead Bobby having a good ol' shower.