Top 5 Spiderman Fails

Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can! Well, except these folks who can't seem to do what Spiderman can.

As Unibet celebrates the release of The Amazing Spiderman movie and also our own Spiderman casino game we find five of the best Spidey fails. Enjoy!

5. Senseless?

Of course, Spidermann is ahead of the game thanks to his Spidey Senses. But is he really? This video would

4. Thinking Outside The Box

Impressive Spidey/parkour skills from this young lad but watch out for the bo... Ouch!

3. Unreliable

Ok, this one is from a computer game, but is still funny. You're a damsel in distress, all you need is Spiderman to make a successful leap down a few stories, and untie you. He can't even do that.

2. Cheers!

Spiderman, of course, would never drink on the job, but this chappy certainly had a few sherberts before trying his best Peter Parker impression. It does not end well.

1. Crash The Party

This childrens entertainer goes beyond the call of duty, and ends up flat on his face.