Back unsteady Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards to soar again

In a climate where snow is a relative rarity it’s perhaps not a surprise that the British aren’t naturals at winter sports.

They certainly don’t produce many quality ski jumpers, though there is one that is close to every British heart. That man is Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, who charmed a nation with his plucky display at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Now ‘The Eagle’ is ready to soar again, as he prepares for a return to the ski jumping arena after 18 years on the sidelines.

Edwards, 49,  has been invited to appear at the New Year’s Day ski jump event at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and he’s confident that he can be better now than he was back in the days when he finished last at the Olympics.

"I'm excited because I'm fitter now than I was 20 years ago,”

"Because I have had eye surgery I can see where I'm going now.”

As you would expect for such a significant sporting event, Unibet have got the market covered. You can bet on whether Edwards will jump further than 59.00m (1.90), or fall short (1.80).

To put this into perspective, Edwards jumped a then British record of 73.5m at the Calgary Olympics and has a personal best of 119.5 metres jumping off a 71 metre board.

In Bavaria, Edwards will jump off a mammoth 125m ski jump. He’s currently in training in Austria and if he prepares properly then I think that ‘The Eagle’ will fly past 59.00m.

Best Bet

Back Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards to jump over 59.00m at 1.90