Kim Sears' Outburst Was Good For Tennis, And We Should See More Of It!

Andy Murray's fiancée is a potty mouth. It's official. Did you hear what she yelled during her husband-to-be's Aussie Open semi-final against Tomas Berdych?

"F***ing have that, you Czech flash f***," she seemed to spit venomously – or words of a similarly Anglo-Saxon hue.

Kim Sears? Kim Swears, more like.

But what a stroke of genius to come out for the following match – Murray's doomed final against Djokovic – wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the message "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content".

What's the big deal anyway? Should we really be worried about a few naughty words from the player's box?

2015 Australian Open - Day 14 : News Photo

Thousands of professional athletes swear in the heat of battle. Even guiltier are the fans watching beside the field of play. And guiltiest of all are TV viewers, cursing with impunity in their own homes.

Can you imagine such a fuss being made over swearing at a football match, or a boxing fight?

Sears's father, former British Fed Cup captain Nigel Sears, said fans shouldn't blow the incident out of all proportion.

"Disgraceful behaviour. She's always had a potty mouth. Gets it from her mother, of course," he said, tongue firmly in cheek.

"Quite amazing how much has been made of this, but it's pretty emotional in that box when you're close to someone. And it was a feisty match."

Bad language in tennis is nothing new. Andre Agassi was arguably the worst culprit, regularly getting slapped with fines for turning the air blue. 

And John McEnroe's uncouth meltdowns are the stuff of legends. Jimmy Connors was even worse.

US tennis player John McEnroe gestures a : News Photo

Serena Williams caused a furore at the 2009 US Open when she told a line judge: “If I could, I would take this f****ing ball and shove it down your f***ing throat!”

Even Tim Henman, that perennial English gentleman, often needed to wash his mouth out with soap. Language, Timothy!

And in the modern game, Murray himself is quite the imprecator. (Just imagine the colourful language in the f***ing Murray household.)

That’s just the English speakers. The courts of the professional tour positively crackle with the vernacular of other languages. (Goran Ivanisevic was a right rascal in that department.) It’s just that, on a world tour where English is the dominant language, non-English speakers often avoid censure.

So why such a fuss over Kim Sears's F-bomb?

Let's be honest: the real reason everyone got so upset is because she's a woman. Had a male member of Murray's entourage delivered similar invective, fewer eyelids would have batted.

In any case, tennis needs a bit more trash talking. In general, players are too polite to one another.

There's too much mutual slapping of backs; too much congratulation; too many exchanged niceties.

The sport needs things spiced up a bit more. It's about time tennis players acted more like boxers, trading pre-match insults with as much vigour as they trade counterpunches. The fans would love it.

And as for the precious ears of the younger fans? Well, they hear lots of filthy language at the football. Why not at the tennis too?


Murray and Berdych lead the field at Rotterdam next week. Unibet have them as first and second favourites to win at 3.00 and 4.00 respectively. Milos Raonic is next at 6.00, followed by Grigor Dimitrov at 6.50.