Murray Smashes Unibet! - US Open Win Means Big Pay-Out

Andy Murray wasn't the only one celebrating after his US Open win last night - Unibet customers who hadn't backed the Brit also got a windfall.

As part of our Murray Magic Moneyback offer, we refunded £50,000 of losing outright bets following Muzza's glorious first grand slam final victory against Novak Djokovic at Flushing Meadows.

We had offered to refund losing outright bets on the US Open Men’s Singles, if Murray won the tournament.

Erik Backlund, Head Of Unibet Sportsbook, said: “Unibet customers were cheering on Murray to win on Monday night – even those who didn’t have a bet on him!

"We ended up refunding over £50,000 of losing outright bets to UK customers, thanks to his win.

"A few Scottish customers had backed Djokovic to win the tournament, but I am sure they were happier in the end to have seen Murray win and not have lost their bets!”

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