Top 15 Amazing Tennis Trick Shots

We all love a trick shot. And Tennis is not short of a beauty or two, on and off the court.

To gear up for the US Open next week, we picked out 15 of the best trick shots.

So sit back, relax and let the tennis commence.

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15. Off The Post

You always need a bit of luck in sport, but Max Mirnyi has a huge slice of fortune here, after his frankly rubbish shot hits the post holding up the net and goes in to win the point against Richard Gasquet.

14. Lob Me Do

What do you do when you're playing Roger Federer and he forces you into the corner with a deep shot? You produce a blind backwards lob to win the point. Obviously. That's what Dominik Hrbaty did at Wimbledon in 2008.

13. Are You Being Served?

We all know Andy Roddick has a fast serve, but did you know he once served it so hard the ball went straight into the ground? That's some super human power right there.

12. Doom Shake The Room

No idea who this guy is, but apparently he has invented a trick shot called the Doom Dropper. It's not all that frightening upon reflection, but best of luck to him.

11. Tom Tom

This might be the greatest fake ever; Bernard Tomic shapes up for a powerful forehand only to caress the ball just over the net. The look on Sam Querry's face is priceless.

10. Drop it Like It's Hot

There are drop shots and there are drop shots, but what about a drop shot, through the legs, sliced at an angle that wins the point? Andy Murray did just that to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at Queens this year. Cheeky.

9. Tweeny Bopper

Roger Federer loves a tweener (which apparently is the name for hitting the ball between your legs). Here he hits a beautiful one from the baseline, across court, and wins the point. Impressive.

8. Tip Of The Hat

You know those little boxes that when you opened them had a Russian doll spinning around to plunky music? Janko Tipsaveric looked a bit like that when he hit this contorted winner against Lleyton Hewitt.

7. You Spin Me Right Round

One of the kings of the trick shot - Marcelo Rios - shows mad skills and also quite a lot of disdain for his opponent's serve, as he does a 360-degree spin to return it - and gets his shot in!

6. Raise The Roof

Roger Federer loves a laugh. No, really. And here he is mugging off his coach by firing tennis balls into his car through the sun roof. Bet that got annoying real quick.

5. Street Magic

Andy Murray has got bare skills, ya get me. Here he is in a viral video walking around London casually firing tennis balls into drains and bins. Should really be recycling bins but we'll let him off.

4. I see Your Murray And I Raise You

...this French lad. Here's a responce to Murray's Street Magic video from a young'un from France, with some even more impressive skills. Although why he feels the need to lie down in the middle of the road is anyone's guess.

3. Slice Slice Baby

Rios again here, this time with an outrageous slice that is so good, he starts walking back to the bassline before it even hits the ground. That's how good/arrogant he is. Delete as applicable.

2. Andre The Giant

We all love Andre Agassi; pony-tailed or bald. And he produced one of the all-time great shots when he hooked this baseline shot over his shoulder, like a farmer hoists his shovel over his shoulder after a hard day's work toiling the fields.

1. Fed The Head

Perhaps the most famous tennis video on the net, this shot of Federer doing a 'William Tell' and hitting a bottle off an (undoubtedly terrifed) man's head went viral and has had more than 9m views. Pfft. Looks easy.