Top 10 Sporting Criers

Sport is hard. And for some sports men and women the pressure is just too much, and the tears start flowing. Even after winning.

But mainly after losing.

As Andy Murray found out when he took the mic after his Wimbledon final defeat to Roger Federer on Sunday, blubbing like a small child who has been denied story time.

But he isn't the first to let the tears flow, as these 10 show.

10. Terrace Tears

After Roberto Mancini's men lost at Swansea, seeminlg letting United back into the title race, it was all too much for one City fan.

9. Blue Is The Colour

He wanted to win the Champions League final so badly, but after missing a penalty and seeing his Chelsea team lose, John Terry couldn't stop the waterworks.

8. All You Need Is Love

Kids, eh? A 18-year-old Martina Hingis threw her toys out of the pram big time after losing the 1999 French Open final to Steffi Graf, refusing to come out for the trophy ceremony, only doing so after being dragged kicking and screaming by her mum.

7. CR7ing

On home turf, Portugal lost to surprise package Greece during Euro 2004 final and it was all too much for a young Cristiano Ronaldo. How we all laughed.

6. Boxing Breakdown

Poor old Ollie McCall suffered the most public of nervous breakdowns during a 1997 Vegas fight with Lennox Lewis, wandering the ring aimlessly between rounds and blubbing at the end of the fifth.

5. Not Budds

Mary Decker and Zola Budd weren't the best of friends after they collided during the 3,000m at the 1984 Olympics. Decker fell and injured her hip. She blamed Budd for the fall and they never spoke again. Acutally they did, three years later. 

4. Ice Cold

You may think ice skating is boring, but in 1994 it was more like The Sopranos. Young Nancy Kerrigan was attacked while training for the US Figure Skating Championships, battered in the knee by a mystery assailant, while arch rival Tonya Harding skated to victory. It turned out Harding was involved. Cliffhanger!

3. Leave My Mate Alone

After the Dallas Cowboys 2008 defeat to the New York Giants, the press went after Tony Romo for going on holiday with his girlfriend Jessica Simpson just before the clash, but Terrell Owens went on the offensive for his team-mate. That's real love there.

2. Lean On Me

When Derek Redmond pulled his hamstring in the 400m at Barcelona 1992 he tried to hobble round thinking he could still qualify. Enter dad Jim, who carried a distraught Derek over the line. Aww.

1. Tears Of A Clown

A yellow card in the 1990 World Cup semi-final against Germany meant Paul Gascoigne would miss the final if England got there (they didn't, obviously) and those famous tears started to roll.