Top 5 Biggest Tennis Grunters

As sure as night follows day and Cliff Richard will sing a medly given any chance at Wimbledon, tennis players will make awkward grunting noises when they whack the ball. Some louder than others. These are the loudest.

5. Jimmy Connors

Often referred to as the Pioneer of the Grunt and the Godfather of Grunt (by us mainly) Jimmy Connors was years ahead of his tiem when he moaned his way through games in the 80s and 90s. 

4. Monica Seles

When she wasn't being stabbed by crazy fans, Monica was making sounds on court that sounded more like they belonged in the bedroom, prompting Peter Ustinov to say: "I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night." 

3. Michelle Larcher de Brito

Ever wondered what sound Big Foot would make when he stubbed his toe on the Henderson's bed side cabinet? Young Michelle Larcher de Brito offers the closest answer with her noisey net-play. Scary.

2. The Williams Sisters

The sound of the Williams' sisters playing a doubles match is almost musical, with Venus' solid if unremarkable high-pitched shriek and Serena's low guttural groan . How has it not been auto-tuned yet?

1. Maria Sharapova

Queen of the Screams, though, is Maria Sharipova who has prompted crowd members to tell her to shut it with her passionate moans as she whacks the ball. It's all quite pantomime isn't it?