When Tennis Hurts - Top 10 Ball Boy Fails

10. Watch Your Step

This over eager ball boy face planted at the US Open in 2009 after trying to look cool. Lesson here? Never try.

9. Wrong Place Wrong Time

This ball boy was unfortunately placed as Michael Llodra careered into him at Wimbledon in 2009.

8. Ahead Of The Game

This ball boy couldn't stop himself running on the court while play was will ongoing. Viktor Troicki won the point against Andy Murray, but it had to be replayed. Suffice to say, he was not happy.

7. Stay On Your Feet

Some ball boys are better on grass courts than clay courts.

6. Stop Drop And Roll

This lad fell over for a bet apparently, but that didn't stop him rolling over like a right plum.

5. Chairman Of The Bored

Being next to the action can be thrilling, but some games can be mind numbingly boring. As this ball boy discovered.

4. Use Your Head

This young man reacts well to a forehand to the head at the Australian Open 2011. To be fair, it's a decent return from the young'un.

3. Eye Spy

Juan Del Potro has an accurate shot, but this time arrows one into a ball girl's eye. Woops.

2. Ignorance Is Bliss

Not saying Andy Murray has a short memory but after requesting a towel, he forgets about it a mere three seconds later, leaving the ball boy awkwardly hanging around like he's been stood up on a date.

1. Eye Eye Captain

One from Wimbledon this year where Mardy Fish serves a 118 mph doozy right into a line judges face. TAXI!

And one that got away...

This young ball boy has quick reactions, narrowly missing Alexander Kudryavtsev's rubbish backhand.