Top 10 Olympic Look-A-Likes

We love a look-a-like here at Unibet and the London 2012 Olympic games has been choc full of them.

So here are our 10 favourites.

10. Germany gymnast Oksana Chusovitina & Germany coach Jogi Low

9. Dutch volleyball player Reinder Nummerdor & NFL star Tom Brady

8. British hurdler Dai Green & Scottish footballer Stephen Fletcher

7. American athlete Lolo Jones & American actress Rashida Jones

6. British triple-jumper Yamile Aldama & Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho

5. Mozambique athlete Kurt Couto & England footballer Ashley Cole

4. British long-jumper Greg Rutherford & American actor Neil Patrick Harris

3. American swimmer Michael Phelps & Jim from The American Office

2. Tennis gold medallist Andy Murray & actor Andrew Garfield

1. Spanish Olympic outfits & a carpet