Top 5 Olympic Adverts


In the run up to (and after) the London 2012 Olympic Games you'll be seeing your favourite athletes on your telly a lot more. 

No sooner have they jumped off the podium than they are thrust in front of a TV camera to promote some random product. We have seen all sorts down the years, but here are our five favourites.

5. Canadians for Coca-Cola

They bloody love a Coke in Canada, this is one of about 400,000 adverts they have made over there promoting the Olympics (and Winter Olympics). Fresh.

4. Steve Redgrave for Walkers

Oh Sir Steve, even he couldn't resist the lure of of cheese & onion flavoured wonga after his Olympic glory in 2000. At least he flattened Gary Lineker for his troubles. 

3. Carl Lewis for Pirelli

Possibly one of the coolest adverts ever, as Carl Lewis displays all his track and field skills across the New York skyline. The bit where he runs on water is particularly cool. 

2. Olympic Mums for P&G

Cue big 'awwws' all round after this advert for the 2012 Olympics, depicting the life of mums of Olympians. Here's to mums everyone. They're ruddy awesome.

1. Kris Akabusi for Persil

Olympic silver medalist Kris Akabusi in perhaps his finest performance ever; convincing a young lad to wash his clothes properly to become like Linford Christie. Sage advice, KA.