Top 5 Sporting Events Ruined by Bad Weather

Sometimes mother nature just doesn't want to watch whatever sporting event us earthly minions are troubling ourselves with. So it was in Warsaw last night, when the heavens opened ahead of Poland's World Cup qualifier against England, eventually resulting in postponement (and subjecting poor TV viewers to almost two hours of non-rapport between Adrian Chiles and Roy Keane's Withering Stare).

Here are some more sporting events that were ruined by the weather:

5. Football tornado

One minute you're playing a (mixed age-group?) game of football, the next you're RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE when a tornado hits. Fergie's hairdryer treatment has got nothing on this.

4. Wimbledon showers

Rain stopping play is one thing - this happens rather a lot in tennis, after all - but only rarely does it lead to a 90s-mullet-is-that-a-women's-trouser-suit-oh-my-god-Martina-Navratilova-is-actually-dancing Cliff Richard performance that redefined bad taste. Your parents probably thought this was awesome, which says it all.

3. Winter Olympics heatwave

Mild, sunny weather is a bonus for fans and participants in most sporting events. But not at the Winter Olympics. The Vancouver games of 2010 were put in jeopardy by unseasonably warm weather in Canada, meaning the snow machines had to be turned on full blast for days on end. A slushy nightmare.

2. Windstorm debris

Footballers are often accused of going down easily, but there can be little doubt that these players in a South African league game had reason to lie low. A gust of wind ripped through the stadium, blowing (some admittedly flimsy) advertising hoardings from the touchline onto the pitch. Thankfully, no one was severely hurt in the incident.

1. American football snowbowl

The whole city is covered with snow. The roads are slippery. Sensible people everywhere are making hot drinks and settling down to roost in their warm, warm homes. But what does the NFL do? Play ball, of course!. This is obviously amazing, but realistically you HAVE to call this off, right? RIGHT?