MLB Betting: Tigers v Giants

Detroit Tigers v San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants will close out a World Series four-game sweep against the Detroit Tigers on the road this Sunday. If you want historical support for this result, consider this: twenty-three teams have gone up three games-to-zero (the Giants’ current margin), and only three have failed complete the sweep. The last time a team down 3-0 forced a fifth game was 1970.

As for back-up specific to this series, the Detroit Tigers lineup is just not swinging the bat well. Much credit should go to San Francisco starters Madison Bumgarner and Ryan Vogelsong, but the approach from Tigers hitters has not been good in the last two games. In fact, Detroit became the first team to be shut out in back-to-back World Series games since 1966.

Tigers starter Max Scherzer has been great in the post-season, having allowed just one earned run in 10 2/3 innings pitched. But much like his teammates Doug Fister and Anibal Sanchez before him in this series, no matter how well Scherzer pitches, it doesn’t matter unless the Detroit offence picks up its performance.

The Giants will rely on Matt Cain to continue San Francisco’s pitching domination. While Cain hasn’t been as good as Scherzer (Cain has a 3.52 ERA in four play-off starts), he is trending well; he had a 2.19 ERA in two National League Championship starts. The Tigers appear demoralized; the Giants should hoist the World Series trophy after game four.