NBA Betting: Golden State's Golden Run To Continue In Phoenix

And then there was one. The Golden State Warriors have the lone remaining unbeaten record in the NBA with five wins out of five and the buzz around Oakland suggests there could be more to come.

With Memphis losing to Milwaukee last night, it was left to the Warriors to claim sole supremacy by knocking off fellow streakers Houston and even though the manner of the 98-87 win – with Dwight Howard absent for the Rockets – was imperfect, it summed up their revamped identity under rookie coach Steve Kerr.

Klay Thompson had an off-night with just 11 points but Golden State still found a way to graft the victory, and they now lead the league in points scored (107.2) while sitting third in defence (92.4).

However it’s the fact they rank second in assists that is pleasing Kerr most with their multiple weapons all taking it in turn to punish opponents with Curry alone racking up 6.6 on average per game.

Some of that is down to the sheer pace at which his team plays, creating a top-ranked 103.2 possessions each night while also rating as the most efficient team defensively.

That’s seen them drift in to 17.00 to win the NBA title – with Curry at 15.00 for MVP - but it’s too early to start jumping on board yet for one key reason: injuries.

They now lose David Lee for two weeks, a stretch that - other than Phoenix and San Antonio at the outsets – sees the Warriors roll through a bunch of mid-tier opponents.

And while Aussie big man Andrew Bogut has been a huge presence, he has remained a magnet for knocks throughout his career.

What they do have is a golden shot at extending their perfect start tonight when they travel to the Phoenix Suns, who are 3-3 so far after losing their last two.

The Suns are also piling up the point at 103.2 per night but they defence has been awful, giving up 103.6 per 100 possessions.

Golden State are a generous 1.97 on a handicap of -1.5 and with two fine backcourts squaring off, we might see more points from Bogut inside – with the Warriors likely to roll onward.


Best bet: Go over 215.5 total points in Phoenix-Golden State