Super Bowl 50: 10 Vital Statistics

10. Carolina Panthers (15-1) take on Denver Broncos (12-4) in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco this weekend. The Panthers are 1.40 favourites to win and have never won the Super Bowl, while Denver won it in 1997 and 1998 and are 3.15 to win again.

9. Carolina averaged 31.5 points per game in the regular season and 40 in the post-season. They are 1.87 to score +25.5 points.

8. The age difference between Cam Newton (26) and Peyton Manning (39) is 13 years and 48 days — the largest between starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. Manning won the Super Bowl with Indianapolis in the 2006 season and is 5.00 to be MVP.

7. Manning and Newton are both 27-1 from their last 28 games heading into Super Bowl 50. Newton has totalled 50 touchdowns in 18 games this season and is 1.62 favourite to be MVP.

6. Carolina’s Jonathan Stewart finished the post-season with 189 passing yards — the most in the league — and earned the eighth-most yards (989) during the regular season. Running back Stewart is 10.00 to score the first touchdown.

5. Denver’s offence suffered more interceptions (23) than any other NFL team during the regular season, yet didn’t suffer a single one in the postseason. Manning is 2.30 to throw an interception.

4. The Panthers (296 yards) made more rushing yards in the postseason than any other team and were second in the regular season with 2,282 yards. However, their average gain was just 4.3 yards, while Denver (1,718 yards in the regular season) averaged 4.2 yards per rush. Denver are 2.23 to score the first touchdown.

3. The first quarter of last year’s game between New England and Seattle was the first Super Bowl since the 2004 season that neither team had managed to score. A draw after the first quarter in San Francisco is priced at 3.90.

2. Peyton Manning threw an interception on 5.1% of passes this season, the most in the NFL, while Carolina’s Kurt Coleman is seeking a 10th interception of the campaign. Secondary Coleman is 3.00 favourite to make an interception.

1. Denver (283.1 yards per game) had the best defence for total yards in the NFL regular season, with Carolina (322.9 yards) sixth. However, against the pass Carolina (234.5 yards) were down in 11th. Manning is 2.10 to throw more passing yards than Newton.